Thomas Oglesby

Thomas Oglesby

Get to know Thomas

Thomas Oglesby was raised in Springfield, Missouri where he attended Missouri State University. Springfield is where he became friends with Chad Miller, Vincent Mays, and Kevin Wilhite. Ten months into Triad being open, they asked Thomas to come to Oklahoma City and be their first official employee. Thomas’ passions include Body Building and Power Lifting. His training and nutrition reflect these passions and he enjoys trying new techniques of dieting and training to increase knowledge and optimization. Other than fitness, Thomas enjoying cooking, doing anything outdoors, and is an avid sports fan. Come by our Oklahoma City North location to find Thomas helping people reach their fitness goals!

Favorite Quote

“The goal is not to be better than anyone else but rather be better than you were yesterday.” – Jon Gordon

Fun Fact
Thomas hold the record at a pizza shop for eating 47 slices of pizza in one sitting.