What We Look For

We believe that good diet and exercise are the most important things to a healthy lifestyle. However, we believe supplements can compliment those habits and get you in an even better place.

We want to make sure people are getting supplements that work and are not over spending and wasting money.

When it comes to protein we want to look at the ingredients label to make sure the protein is cold-temperature processed, this way we know the protein is not denatured and our bodies can use it.

We also want to make sure you get products that contain efficacious doses, meaning that the ingredients they have in them are in the right amounts to be effective for us.

Another thing we make sure to look for is full disclosure labels, this tells us what exactly is in the supplements and we can avoid proprietary blends. These proprietary blends do not allow us to know the exact amount of some ingredients that may be in the product, therefore we do not know if it is an efficacious dose or if it is sprinkled in there so the company can market their product at a higher cost.

Give us a call or come in the store and we can find what supplements will work for you.